Bills bills bills

This not working/working part-time thing isn't really working for us. I'm going to force CCCC to tell me officially whether or not they'll have a class for me to teach in the fall and if they can't do that, I'll have to kick off Job Search 2007. I just don't have the time or money to work my butt off freelancing - especially with Bella demanding constant attention.

If I have a class in the fall, along with at least 3 good projects a month, then we'll be okay and I can put off full time work for a bit longer. I don't mind putting Bella in someone else's care but I definitely don't want to part with that kind of money just yet. I may invest in a "Mother's Helper" to free up a few hours each day to devote to working - or track down more projects for working.

This weekend we spent a lot of time at the pool. Brook, Bobby and their kids come over last night and we swam, ate pizza, watched movies and just let the kids run wild. Javi is the funniest kid - he begs and begs for other children to play with, but when he gets his wish he gets mad because they play with his things, eat his food, disagree with his movie choice, and other pointless madness.

Baby Nicholas is such a chunk! I thought Bella was a chunky baby, but that Nicholas has her beat. He's 5 weeks younger than Bella and already weighs more than she does. He has huge blue eyes and just stares at you unblinkingly with this "And what do YOU want?" look. It's super cute. When he's not staring at you, he's asleep.

Bella chilled at the pool in her little ruffly bikini looking like a rock star. She smiled at everyone who glanced her way and eventually wound up having a long, convoluted and very funny conversation with no one in particular. It's so cute to watch her giggle and laugh, esp because it inevitably leads to hiccups - and then she looks at us like "what just happened?!"


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