Ancient Times (aka: the 80s)

Javi has somehow gotten the idea that the 1980s were centuries ago and that to say something is "from the 80s" is tantamount to calling it archaic and out of style - and the person caught in possession of something from this long ago era should be ashamed.

So today we were working on some sign language because he's really into learning a new sign everyday and I'm really into anything that keeps him from bouncing off the walls. We go over the signs he already knows: help, hello and goodbye, girl, out. Then we come to the sign for boy.

He was having a hard time remembering the sign, so I said, think of it like the brim of your ball cap. He responded, "but girls wear ball caps." So I tried to explain that back in the day, girls weren't allowed to play sports and they definitely didn't wear ball caps, hence it's a symbol for boy.

Javi looks at me, so earnest and understanding, and says, "Back in the day? You mean like 1988?" I had to just walk away. For the record, I was 12 in 1988 - those were good times, buddy.


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