Patience *Is* A Virtue

A short week after my moaning and whining and Voila! ... I'm "officially" engaged.

Here's the story (and, yes, it's cute):

Billy's parents came over to have cake and ice cream with us for Billy's birthday (it was Friday). His mom and I razzed him a little about not proposing yet, but it was very good natured and came on the heels of him razzing us about not doing stuff for him.

They left late (and slightly tipsy). Billy and I continued to joke and laugh even after we went to bed. His mom had given him a dragon tchotchke, so I told him he needed to make some shadow boxes to put his balsawood dragons in (and the tchotchkes can go in a box somewhere :P). He made a joke about how he can make anything from wood, "it'll last 100 years, but it won't be pretty."

So somehow that led to me asking for a ring.

Billy: "You want me to find you a ring, baby?"
Kelly: "Hello, yes! But don't make it out of wood!" So he starts rooting around in our room.
Kelly: "And don't even come back over here with a wire hanger!"
Billy: "You know you don't let me keep wire hangers."

I fell out laughing. When I looked back over at him, he was holding out an open box, inside it -- my beautiful engagement ring.

At first I didn't know what to say or do, but a few seconds later, I just started laughing again and yelled "You are such a trickster!!" and grabbed up my ring. It fit perfectly. Billy will probably never admit it, but I think he got teary eyed and possibly was crying a little bit. It was so funny and endearing -- such a typical Billy and Kelly moment.

Earlier, when his parents were still here, Billy made a wise crack that had us both in stitches. I grabbed his hand and said, "This is why I love you." After he slid the ring on my finger and we were laying together laughing, he said "And this is why I love you."

It's official: We belong together.

-- Kelly


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