The Moms

Billy and I made the rounds today to announce our engagement to our parents. My mom seemed shocked, but happy. She fawned over my ring and tried to plan the whole wedding. She was all we can have it here and your sisters will be bridesmaids and the boys need to be in it too...

I had to slow her down. Of course, I understand her excitement. She raised 3 girls, the youngest of which is 25, and for a while no one seemed to be even close to a walk down the aisle. I suppose she wants to pour all her "wedding hoohah" into one big blow out under my name. Too bad I'm not a big blow out kind of girl.

So, while my mom wants a multiple-bridesmaids-jr-groomsmen-gala-event, she'll be very happy with my low-key-brunch-affair-to-be-remembered. My plan is to have a wedding that's comfortable and very "me" and that every enjoys. I watch Bridezillas -- none of those people seem to actually enjoy being a blushing bride. I don't want to go that route!

After going to my mom's, I headed over to Billy's mom's (Marlene). He came home to watch the race -- and I didn't make him come with me. His mom is always commenting how I don't call her or visit her, so I figured this was my opportunity. She wasn't as excited as my mom, but I could tell both she and Billy's stepfather, Phillip, were happy for us.

I think Marlene's more excited about the wedding chain of events -- picking out a dress for herself and being consulted on all the other stuff, including my dress, flowers, etc. And, especially, having a reason to dress up. I can't wait to see how this goes.

-- Kelly


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