Hurricane Tammy

I keep trying to post, but my paragraphs of rambly wedding and weather stuff just disappears. What's up with that?

Here's the non-poetic version:

1. It's raining. We're in a serious drought, but damn! I wanted a day-long shower that would satiate the earth. Instead, we're looking at a week-and-weekend-long steady rain that prevents any outdoor activity, including bicycling, dog walking and kid playing. The plants are loving it - the herbs are sprouting buds and massive mushrooms have popped up everywhere.

2. MissyPants, aka Daphne, loves the rain - absolutely loves it. Like, she runs in circles and rolls around in the wet, muddy grass. Back when rain was common - think, May - and lil pants was a wee pup, she was so afraid of rain she'd shake and hide. I am both amused and disgusted by her new found love.

3. My mother and I have a date to go over to the park this Sunday. She's not sold on having the wedding there, and while I don't need her approval, I do want her to feel okay about our decision. She also wants to gauge how difficult it will be to hold the reception at the park. She wants to cater for us. I was planning a lunch followed by cake reception, but if she were to do it we'd have an hors d'oeurves and dessert reception. Both sound yummy to me!

4. I've decided on wedding favors, reception flower arrangements and cake. Well, I know what shape my cake will take: square. I still need to nail down colors (completely dependent on the dress) and a guest list. Ashley and I are going to sketch out dress details when she comes in November. I'm excited - we keep emailing each other little ideas and sample patterns.

5. Ashley had an audition for a big-budget movie! I'm not sure how things went, but I've got my fingers crossed for her. She signed with an agent earlier this week, so things are snowballing in a good way. This means she can apply for a work Visa and stay in the country without having to marry someone. I am very happy about this because it means she can finally live on her own terms without worrying about how her personal status will affect her career.

Hmm. I've re-created a lot of paragraphs. I will post this now before I lose everything again!


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