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{a mom's view of adhd}
Description: This blog contains personal stories of life with a child who has ADHD: what has worked (and not worked) for other moms with kids who have ADHD; our struggles and adventures; links to helpful information and other similar stories; and a network of parents of kids with ADHD who support one another.
Read my posts about life and love when your child has ADHD.
Living with Special Needs
Description: This blog is an online resource for parents whose children have special needs. Contributor-moms write about their experiences raising children from across the spectrum of disorders, including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Prader-Willi, oppositional defiance disorder (ODD), cerebral palsy, bipolar disorder, and more.

On Bullying
Letter to a Newly Diagnosed Mom

I'd love to do more guest posts than are listed here. If you are interested in guest posting or would like me to do a guest post for you, please let me know.

In the meantime, here are a few links to the guest entries I've posted elsewhere. I hope you enjoy them and the blogs hosting them.

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To Dine or Not To Dine posted on The Scoop on Poop.

Taking Time To Stop and Smell the Coffee posted on The Scoop on Poop.

The Pusher on Loving My Panda Bear

Take the Stress Out of Summer Camp posted on Our Mommyhood

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