Two barbecue sandwiches and a Tiki Barber jersey?
Living the dream!
My son has big dreams. Though he can't figure out how to entertain himself for the one hour in the afternoon between getting home and me ending my work day, he has a full plan for his eventual profession.

Actually, Javi has a full plan and six back-up plans. The main career goal? Playing in the NFL, of course.

When visiting my sister in the hospital this weekend, he and I had lots of one-on-one time in the car and walking back and forth to the parking deck. He chose to fill it -- all of it -- with reminders of his inevitable success.

Javi: One day you're going to like watching football.

Me: No I won't.

J: Oh yes you will.

Me: Seriously. I have no interest, and haven't had any interest in 35 years.

J: You'll love it when I'm playing. You won't be able to stop yourself.

He had me on that one. Both his charming belief in himself and how he smiled and winked when he said the words. I started liking it just a tad right then.

But then later it was pouring rain and I didn't want him to walk with me to the car. I wanted to leave him in the hospital lobby, thus avoiding his meltdown when he got wet and had to be uncomfortable for the ride home. But he's impulsive and immature. He'd be ripe for the picking for any pedophile (yes, I watch a lot of Criminal Minds).

And so I had a fast and furious talk with him to ensure he'd still be where I left him after parking the car and sprinting back in the downpour.

Me: You sit in that chair and you don't get up. Not for anyone. I don't care if the person is wearing scrubs or if someone says "Your Mom said to come with me" or the person looks like a police officer. You don't move, do you understand?

J: Yes. (Said in a bored voice)

Me: Even if it's a kid who looks super cool and says he has something really awesome to show you and you should just go with him for a minute and your mom will never know. You don't go. If it's that cool, just wait a few minutes cause I'll be there as quickly as I can and we'll look at it together. Okay?

J: Yes. (Said in an exasperated voice)

Me: Are you listening? Because someone could try to take you. And if they take you, something terrible could happen to you.

J: Don't worry, mom. If I let someone kidnap me or kill me, I won't get to have my NFL career. I don't want to miss that! My NFL career is gonna be awesome, especially with me being as awesome as I am.

What do you even say to that? May his words be a mantra that gets him where he wants to be. (I don't know where his sense of self came from, but I wish I could bottle it.)

Oh, and his black-up plans? If the NFL doesn't pan out (like it won't?!), he's okay with being an MBA player (see: self-esteem, above), an architect, an engineer, a writer, an art teacher, or a chocolatier.

Big dreams, this one.

What dreams have your kiddos voiced lately?


  • amanda {the habit of being}

    this made me laugh. my kids talk enough as it is but you get them one on one and the words, they flow. as though a large valve has been opened, filter removed, and the words, they just come and come and never seem to stop.

    sounds like your son has some big dreams. hope they come true!

  • Heather Caliri

    Oh, I want some of that confidence for me--to pursue my dreams so full-throttle. Go him!

  • Laurie

    That's awesome! My kids have interesting dreams sometimes...they are going to be police officers or bad guys, that might be more fun. They are going to be parents and love their kids like I do. They are going to be stunt car drivers and doctors. I love the potential they see in the world!

  • ayala

    This made me laugh :) I hope he keeps believing in his dream !

  • Sarah

    This post is priceless. Javi is priceless. !!!

    Two things: that idea of watching your kid when he's all grown up do what he most dreams of doing? Yeah, it kind of chokes me up. For my first son it's a professional goalkeeper. For Jen's it's a drummer in a band. That would just be the coolest.

    Also, I hope for your sake that if the NFL thing doesn't work out (or maybe even if it does) Javi takes some classes for the chocalatier back-up career he's got on his list. How great would THAT be? :)

  • Stacia

    The NFL will work out. How can it not?? =>

  • M K Countryman

    The way you capture this conversation, this snippet in time - is amazing.

    Thanks for stopping by my site this week, and mentioning the adhd thing - I have been perusing your site a bit and the mommy adhd one - looks like they will keep me busy for awhile and be great resources.

  • Cheryl


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