Boy, You'll Be A Man Soon

It's hard to ignore your son is leaving childhood behind when you get his school portrait proofs the same day you post a photo of him holding his baby sister five years ago.

That baby face. Those tiny teeth. The sweet, open smile.

It's all gone, gone, gone. Our Javi is sprouting hair in places no one wants to talk about (or smell, as I have to tell him several times each day). He has his own key to the house and does his homework in his room all by himself.

He takes phone calls (none from girls ... yet) and will likely get a limited-plan cell phone in the next six months. He went on a tour of his middle school last week. Sixth grade ... just one summer away.

He's still our kid. He writes notes each day on his whiteboard, snuggles up with whichever parent has a free side (space is limited now that we've rescued a cat -- crazy, right?), and loves one-on-one time.

But he's driving top-speed, headlong into manhood.

I'm not ready.


  • Of Pandas and Pirates

    I noticed this yesterday how little Javi looked in that picture!! I can't believe how much he's changed. He is so handsome and so grown up now!!

  • Cheri

    It happens to the best of them - that growing up thing - and then you blink and they are adults and going off to college and looking for jobs. The circle of life. sigh. makes me feel so dang old...

  • Unknown

    oh my goodness, they sure do grow up so darn fast!

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