My sweet oldest child is at camp all week. (!!!) In his honor, I must post about his nemesis -- the red tricycle.

It seems innocuous. Bright and shiny. Fun, perky streamers. A handy compartment in the back for storing treasures. Totally harmless.

Unless it is accompanied by this:

I happen to look with my eyes when I'm walking, but Javi doesn't. Therefore, the sweet trike turns into a maniacal machine determined to break one of his legs.

He tripped over it no less than five times the Sunday he left for camp. Somehow it always managed to be right in his path of movement.

And when it wasn't stationary, it was being steered by a little girl on a mission to wreak havoc on her big brother's nerves by running over his toes, crashing into his calves, hiding his camp supplies in the "trunk."

Think it worked?


  • Anonymous

    Oh, that picture of Bella is too funny!

    When I saw the first picture and your first lines, I thought to myself, isn't Javi awfully big for a tricycle? :) But now I see from where his terror stems! Preschoolers on bikes are a fearsome thing indeed.

  • ayala

    Kelly, the picture is too cute. :)

  • Cathy Reaves

    Oh it sounds like a little girl wants the attention of her big brother. Sweet. But not for him I think!

  • Christine

    This I know so well! I have the very same kind of little "havoc wreaker" at my house!! Happy camping Javi.

  • Stacia

    This doesn't bode well for the teenage years. First a tricycle, then a 10-speed, then a sporty little coupe ... Javi better learn to drive trucks. Or run really, really fast. Or blackmail. =>

  • The Mommy Mambo

    Do you hear the Jaws theme song when she's tearing by on that thing? HAHA! I do everytime the 2 yr old rounds a corner :)

  • Moore Minutes

    Aww poor Javi. :( That tricycle is adorable though. How does he like summer camp? I've thought about sending the boys but haven't found a good one yet.

  • {Stephanie}The Drama Mama

    HAHAHA. I'm pretty positive it worked. Scooby has the exact same trike and he wreaked as much havoc with his as he could too!!

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