Going with the Flow

Summer time in our neck of the woods means a string of free performances at the local library. I am all about the free. Usually I take Javi, but this year Bella seemed the perfect age to enjoy the shows.

Last week's performance was Flow Circus, a local entertainer whose props include toys from around the world. He did a great job of integrating storytelling, juggling, magic, dance, and humor into his show.

Bella danced and clapped and got really, really angry when she was never called up onto stage. (Apparently she doesn't know she's not the star of everyone's show.) She's talked about nothing but the show since we exited the auditorium.

But that doesn't mean she made it easy on me. She tried to pull her dress over head, got in and out of her seat, yelled "He's not picking me!" at the top of her lungs, kicked at the back of the seats in front of us, and refused to stop touching another audience member's braids. All in all, it was a normal day out with my Meanie Weenie.

Only this time she wound up enjoying the show from someone else's lap (ehem, a someone else we'd never met before).

Only Bella.

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  • Unknown

    So much fun! It looks awesome. She is the cutest little thing!

    I am making Kaish and Naji go to a writing workshop next week at the library and they are not too happy about it at all! : )

  • Moore Minutes

    lol, too funny. I LOVE the summertime. We need to go see some performances.

  • Anonymous

    What fun! Free is always good.

  • {Stephanie}The Drama Mama

    Hahah. She worked it didn't she? She's so cute she can work her way into anyone's heart, tantrum and all.

    And free? Free is good. Have you checked out the free summer AMF bowling and free summer movies?

  • Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri

    Don't you love these attention getting moments? Seriously, though hope she has a great summer filled with fun.

  • Cheryl

    That is just too cute!

  • Suniverse

    Thanks for the comment at The Scoop on Poop.

    I do not miss the days of trying to corral a child, but you do tell a good story.


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