I may be battling re-entry, but that doesn't stop life from surging on. And this. This moment captured. This is the marrow of life.

My girl, held by her big brother, allowing her head to submerge for the first time. No fear, no hesitation, just fierce and unwavering trust in her brother to keep her safe, this pool not to hold hidden danger, this world to always be on her side.

A leap of faith. 

And so goes the relentless march toward independence. Since taking that leap, that inhaled and held breath, my baby is swimming. She holds her nose and plunges into the crystal blue water of our community pool. When her body's fully under, she kicks like a professional. My youngest fish.

First, two feet and up for air. A foot more and up for air. Today, the width of the pool and up for applause.


P.S. Take heart my chicken loving friends. We're chick hunting! Now to find the perfect little flock of girls to complement Ms. Fancy...

***This post is part of Wordful Wednesday.***


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