Our birthday adventure

Bella celebrated her birthday with two parties. The first one celebrated her turning four. The second? According to her, it celebrated her turning five. Of course she's five. She already turned four. Duh!

Despite its confusion, we had a grand time at her official 4th(5th) party. Despite my prior party-dreaming, we chose an "explorers" theme with a slight Dora edge (as evidenced by this party invitation):

The invitation, party colors, and pinata were all Dora-inspired. The tableware and clothes were in the same colors as on the invitation (orange, yellow, green, turquoise, pink, and purple). The pinata was a llama (of course).

But that's where the Dora stopped and "explorer" kicked in. Instead of a take-home bag, each kid received an explorer "kit" upon arrival. The kits were: canvas bag with a carabiner attached to the drawstring, bandanna, mini magnifying glass, mini flashlight, spiral bracelet with a whistle attached, mini bubbles, fruit leather, and a rainforest-themed temporary tattoo. Along with the kits, our explorers each had a telescope to decorate and use to explore the park.

But, of course, I was too busy arranging tables and applying temporary tattoos and assembling worms-in-the-dirt cupcakes to take many pictures. Here's what I have:

Turning 4(5) looks good on her.

And to sum up how we all felt after a full week of festivities (family day at the zoo and a trip to see Shrek the Musical), welcome to our Sunday:

10:30am on Sunday (after sleeping in until 9:51am -- latest in years!)

2:30pm on Sunday. After taking a 2 hour nap. Grape suckers are the best!

Just for fun, my llama-slayer partying through the ages:

1st birthday. Theme: Monkeys

2nd birthday. Theme: Bounce into Spring

3rd birthday. Theme: Kites

Yes, I think we're all a little thankful that birthdays (usually) only come once per year.

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  • Unknown

    Oh my goodness. This might have made me shed a tear...She is precious. It looks like a very special day was had by all celebrating her 4th and 5th Birthday!

  • ayala

    Looks like a lot of fun :)

  • The BookWorm Lady

    That is the coolest hat I've ever seen. :-) It looks like she had such a great time! I love those worms in dirt cupcakes. We are having them at my daughter's party next month.

  • Amy

    looks like a fun party!

  • Moore Minutes

    I LOVE the activities you did with the kids. They look super fun and creative. I really like the telescope. What an awesome party for a beautiful little girl. :) That's too funny with the pinata head on her...it actually works. It looks just like a big hat.

  • Unknown

    aww so sweet! looks like it was a blast and belle as pampered nicely!

  • The Mommy Mambo

    LOved the wormy cones! My little man loves Dora. Guess that would be weird for a boys party, huh? LOL He just doesn't feel the same about Diego though ;)

  • Stacy Uncorked

    I love that she celebrated 4 and 5 since 5 comes after 4 and with two parties it makes total sense! :)

    LOVED all the shots! So much fun!! Happy Birthday to your little sweetie!

    Princess Nagger wanted to have a Dora themed party for both her 4th and 5th birthday - those were fun to do. Though her 5th did happen a year after her 4th...(grin!!)

    WW: Still Waiting for Spring

  • Melissa

    Party girl! Of course you can't turn four twice, she must be five. Or at least four and a half. ;)

  • Liz

    That girl's got a mean swing!

    Happy 4th/5th!

    Maddie tells me that at her next birthday, she's turning 6. Which, actually, is double what her new age will be. :)

  • Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri

    What a great party! Congrats Momma for putting it together. And your Bella - she is so adorable.

  • Draft Queen

    Will you plan my son's 10th birthday in May? Pretty please? You are so GOOD at it!

    Bella's party looks great. I love the picture with the umbrella on the couch!

  • C (Kid Things)

    Happy (belated) Birthday to your sweet girl! You did an amazing job planning, it looks like so much fun. And it must have been, the way she's conked out the day after. My 4yo is going to turn 5 on the 26th and, um, we're going to have balloons. That's about as planned out as I get.

  • Cheryl

    It looks and sounds like it was a great time! Happy belated birthday, Bella! (Also, I love Javier's taste in musicals.)

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