Learning Lessons

Our family reached a bittersweet milestone this weekend. Sweet, sassy baby Bella turned the big 0-4 at 5:56am on Sunday morning. We've already had a full week of celebrations -- a zoo trip on Sunday, a trip to see Shrek the Musical on Tuesday, and a photo session this morning. All of this plus her birthday party coming up on Saturday.

I've definitely spent time reminiscing about the big and small moments from the past four years, but there hasn't been much time to mull over what it means that my baby has no business being called a baby. Mainly that's because I've been spending my time realizing how much I have left to learn from my not-babies-anymore babies.

Take our trip to see Shrek. I should've known that Bella would develop a fever the morning of the show. Of course she would. I also should've known that if we went ahead with our plans to attend the show, she'd cry, whine, and flop around like a dying fish but refuse to actually leave the show. See? Learning. Still.

And who doesn't play the "We can watch Princess and the Pauper in the car!" during intermission when you know the child is basically a snotty, feverish zombie in tights. Technically I did play that card but the ol' Mountain Man harumphed that plan and marched us all back to our seats. I guess he was schooling me because here's my view not 15 minutes later:

But don't think 'The Singing Shrek' (as Bella likes to call it) was a flop. To the contrary, the rest of us were singing and dancing and laughing out loud. We loved it. Bella loved it when she could focus on the show and ignore that she felt like death.

Javi's ready to go see it again. Shrek and Wicked and did you know next time he'll bring his extra money for a souvenir and he bets they'll have great souvenirs for that puppet show?

Yes. My son is lining up to see Avenue Q. I'm officially giving up on the idea that I'll ever really "know" anything.

How about you? Do you ever feel like you've got this parenting thing figured out?

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  • Photina

    It looks like her birthday week is turning out great. Happy birthday to her!

  • melissa

    No. Never. I have nothing figured out, except I figure I'm not really as adept as I ought to be by now. ;)

    Happy birthday to Bella!

  • ayala

    Awww love the pictures!!! Happy Birthday to Bella. She is beautiful.

  • { L }

    Happy Birthday adorable little BELLA! I hope she feels better now. I love all the ways you're celebrating. Enjoy the party too.

  • Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri

    Love the pics. Birthday week is so much fun! Happy Happy Happy Birthday Dear Bella!

  • blueviolet

    Now what fun would it be if they didn't keep us guessing?

  • Courtney

    oh bummber she wasn't feeling good for the musical, good thing you all liked it!!! happy Birthday bella!!!

  • Bibliomama

    Shut up, she's still a baby. My baby is eight and she's still the baby. You're kidding about Javi seeing Avenue Q right? He can't see Avenue Q! Happy B-day, B.

  • Dalia (Generation X Mom)

    Um, pretty much never. Any time I think I do have it figured out, I am thrown another curve ball!

  • Cathy

    Oh my gosh - I learned a long time ago that as soon as I figured it out, it'd change. And these teenagers, ugh, help!

  • Hyacynth

    Aww, happy birthday, Bella!

    And, no. If I ever feel like I have it figured out, it promptly changes again so I feel like a newb. :)

  • Anonymous

    What a celebration!! I want to have my birthday with you guys.

  • HynesMom

    Figured out? Hardly. I do hate that sickness falls at the most inconvenient time. Or meltdowns. Same result.

    I'm looking forward to taking Dylan to see the Lion King when it comes next year.

  • Draft Queen

    Happy Birthday to Bella! (A bit late.) Hope she's feeling better.

    As for this parenting gig? NO WAY am I getting the hang of it. Know how I know? Yesterday there were 4-5 BOYS calling my 12 year old DAUGHTER outside.

    I'm NOT READY for this.

  • Amy @ Never-True Tales

    You know I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to parenting, but I keep trying! And I love that you introduce them to musicals; we've seen Lion King, and have tickets to Wicked later this month. Can't wait for my boys to see it.

  • Sofia's Ideas

    Happy Belated to your lovie! I know this visit is long overdue but I know you get that I just had the baby and things are taking much longer than usual! Anyway, I wanted to at least say thank you for stopping by Sofia's Ideas and welcoming our newest addition. Catch up on your blog soon...
    Hop all is well...

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