Birthday surprise!

Here's something you might have guessed about me: I cannot keep a secret.

Therefore, you can imagine how surprised we all were when I planned a surprise 30th birthday party for my little sister ... and never spilled the beans. Quite a feat, actually.

On Sunday, I lured her away from her room for Starbucks and some fresh air. While we lounged, her friend unpacked and set up the food spread I brought and the cupcakes our mom brought. So, there we were, just chillin like villains as Ash rocked her princess party hat ... and then, SURPRISE!

We packed nearly 30 people into a teeny-tiny hospital room. I'm talking a room the size of a big bathroom. Ashley asked to be upgraded to a room with a fridge and a minibar, but for some reason it hasn't happened yet. But, honestly, who cares about the size? We were packed in like sardines and we had a grand time. What better way to meet folks at a party than have to share a seat with them?

I think my favorite part was when we wheeled the birthday girl out into the hallway to blow out the candle on her gluten-free cheesecake. You know, because her room is highly oxygenated ... which means blowing them out in her room would result in a big bang for the whole hospital (that's my kind of party!).

A rousing chorus of Happy Birthday to You sung at the top of our lungs during the floor's posted quiet hours sort of made me happy, too. Most importantly, it made Ashley happy. And if you have to turn 30 in a hospital room -- you should at least get to be obnoxious about it, right?

And, no, there's no way this day was fueled by percocet (for her) and champagne (for the rest of us). What kind of people do you take us for?!

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  • Corinne Cunningham

    Surprises are so hard to keep!!! Good job :)

  • Kelly Miller

    Thanks, Corinne. It was super hard for me!

  • Anonymous

    Aw! Looks like she had a great time! Good job keeping the secret Kelly!

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    yay for birthday surprises. (although, i admit, for some reason i thought it was gonna be a "surprise! i'm pregnant!" post. just saying;)

    i didn't know your sister was in the hospital. hope she's doing ok. it looks like a great day.

    what's that jennifer garner movie tagline? 30, flirty and fabulous? let's say that. cheers!

  • amber_mtmc

    I also didn't know your sis was in the hospital..but I am far behind in blog reading so you may have mentioned it before.

    Hooray for keeping the surprise! It looks like she had a blast and, really, there is no better way to celebrate a birthday in the hospital room!

  • heather@actingbalanced.com

    Happy belated to your sister! Congrats on keeping the secret and getting 30 people into the sardine can!

  • allison

    Yay you. And best wishes to your sister.

  • Maxabella

    So impressed that you didn't tell! Looks like she was absolutely stoked to be the party princess. Well done. Happy birthday sis!

  • Moore Minutes

    Are you kidding me? That is the sweetest and best idea! You're a GOOD sister. :) Loved seeing the happy photos too.

  • Nina

    nice surprise. happy birthday to her.

    by the by clicking on the link at steadymom took me to an error page but then I clicked on your blog name (on the error page) and got here.

  • ShannonL

    Awesome! What a great surprise (and you must have felt good for not spilling it - it's HARD to keep fun secrets!)! What a great sister you are! :-)

  • liz

    How awesome of you to plan something so special for her!

  • Unknown

    that was really awesome of you to do! looked like a great time

  • Tiffany

    How awesome!!!

  • Draft Queen

    Aw! Happy birthday to your sister! Good on you for not spilling the beans!

  • The Drama Mama

    Awww!! It sounds like a fabulous party!!

  • Rudri

    Happy Belated Birthday to your Sister! What a wonderful surprise. Sisters are the best!

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