The Star of the Show

I took Bella to Weight Watchers with me yesterday. It was almost like a coming out party. Everyone fawned over her and gushed about what a beautiful baby she is. I, of course, accepted their compliments with grace and only a little bit of beaming pride.

I also met a woman with a 14-month-old adopted son whom she doesn't usually bring to meetings and a woman with a 6-month-old whom she does bring to meetings. We bonded over babies and the art of packing a diaper bag (which I'm slowly regaining). We also exchanged numbers and plan to get together later this week to walk at the park. It's really nice to hang out with other new moms as my other friends don't always get the Mama stuff and only another mom wants to discuss sleep schedules, cradle cap and first giggles.

Anyway, this weekend is Memorial Day and we have a pretty full schedule. We've got a cookout on Saturday and again on Sunday, plus a baby shower on Sunday, and we'll probably ride out to the lake for at least a few hours on one of those days. Billy has Monday off, but Javi has school so who knows what crazy mess we'll get into then!

In the meantime, I'm watching little Bella Wayne sleep with one hand propped up on her Buddha belly and the other tucked behind her head. What a way to spend the day!


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