Back To The Grind

Actually, I don't have a grind because I'm still "on maternity leave," but Billy is back at work. I have to say, we really enjoyed our Memorial Day. So much so that it took Billy & Bella several long, hard naps to recover.

I came out of the long weekend unscathed, but the poor Javinator played hard and came home red. His poor back is sunburned, so we've been doing daily vinegar baths, smothering him in Noxema and coating him with Solarcaine. The sting is gone, so now he's just soaking up the attention from being an invalid.

How was your weekend?


  • Uncle Jim

    This is a great picture of my beautiful neice.......oh, and Billy Wayne too.haha. I want to know, who wore whom out? I'm glad you guys have this blog so I don't have to wait to get new pictures of everyone. See ya.
    Love younseses,
    Uncle Jim

  • Kelly & Billy

    Jim - you can see almost daily pics of the kids by clicking on the "View our photos" link on the left!

  • Uncle Jim

    Thanks...I downloaded alot of good pictures off of here. Keep 'em coming, I have a bunch of memory on this new computer.haha. see ya.
    Love ya'll,

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