Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday Javi, Bella and I picked up Erin and her boys and drove to Clayton for my cousin Karen's son's birthday party. The day began as a comedy of errors, but we only wound up 30 minutes late to the party. I also managed not to drop off any kids on the side of the road - so I consider the day a success.

That's not to say there was no bloodshed. Somehow, with all the kids at the party, it was Javi and Ethan who wound up crashing into each other. And since Javi's a little bit softer, it was his nose that busted. This was his first bloody nose, so he was more excited than upset. Of course, being that he's six and not six months, I no longer bring a change of clothes for him. Hence this cute-face picture:

And here's the culprit - looking as though he's ready to bust some more noses, and perhaps knock some heads and stage a coop while he's at it:

I tried to get a picture of all the second cousins together, but considering they range from 15 to 1 month, corralling them was harder than expected. I kept seeing other people taking pictures, so I thought I'd get some that way, but the only pictures of any Quinoneses featured Bella front and center. I suppose that's the drawback of bringing a newborn to a birthday party. All the women fawn over her and the men stay as far away as possible.

After I got everyone home, I took a girls' night pass and went out for margaritas and fajitas at San Felipe. Considering I haven't had much alcohol in the past 10 months (a glass of wine last fall and a wine cooler about two weeks ago), the margaritas about did me in. The fajitas were great, too. I normally get them with shrimp, chicken and beef, but I tried chicken, beef, chorizo and roasted pork last night - YUMMY!

Today we plan to try Bella on six ounces of formula per feeding as four ounces don't seem to be cutting it any longer. I hope we're not overfeeding her, but I've been told that babies will stop eating when they're full. This is unlike Bella who will suck on her fists after sucking the bottle dry. We usually use The Plug but if she's hungry, I think she should be allowed more food.

We'll let you know how it goes!


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