We have a Terrific Kid

Despite wanting to be the class clown, writing love notes to his female classmates and spending his fair share of time jumping, running, talking and doing other little boy stuff at inappropriate times, my little boy was awarded a ribbon for being a Terrific Kid in a school assembly last week. He's the one in red and yellow stripes.

He got a certificate, a ribbon, a bumper sticker and a gift certificate for a free Burger King meal. Needless to say, he thinks he's royalty now. This honor comes on top of earning a #1 Reader necklace for being able to read 168 words now. In fact, the little monster is reading at Level 3 these days thanks to his very determined Kindergarten teacher.

What's really great about this is Javi really wants Billy to put that bumper sticker on the jeep. He asks him about it every single day. Billy keeps coming up with excuses but eventually he's going to have to slap that thing on the back of the jeep and wear it with pride, no matter how dorky it is!


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