Daisy the Destroyer

If you've spoken to me in the past few months then you know that I have a love/hate relationship with our dogs, Daphne and Daisy.

Daphne is a princess-sweetheart but she barks at everything like it's a madman coming to get her. When I say everything, that's exactly what I mean: leaves, squirrels, the wind, bolts of fabric, bird cages... you get the idea. The barking becomes a startling, ongoing howling when an actual person comes near our property (and, god forbid, comes near the actual house).

Daisy chews anything she can get her mouth around. This includes (but is not limited to): sheets, shoes, plastic cups or bottles, heating pads, pillows, trash, the understuffing of our box springs, etc. What burns me up most, though, is how she finds a way to get to the baby's stuff. She's chewed packs of diapers (which I salvaged) and at least 3 pacifiers. I've also found her running around the house with dirty diapers in her mouth and more than one burp cloth.

In the dogs' defense, they have never attempted to chew or even lick a person - including this bundle of wiggling arms and legs we call a baby. However, Daisy sealed her fate about an hour ago when I found her edging up to the laptop battery and licking her lips. I even caught her in the act (when she realized she was busted, she disappeared under the bed):

I already wanted to put her troublesome arse out for good and now I'm pricing dog houses. Yes, she's cute - but she's more than worn out her welcome in this house!


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