Easter Sunday

Luckily Mama and baby were home and ready for the Easter bunny to make his appearance on Easter Sunday. I honestly don't know if Javi would've forgiven me otherwise!

Funniest moment: I spent an hour the weekend before Bella was born picking out little treats and toys that I thought Javi would enjoy getting in his basket. This included flower seeds, a flower pot and a spray bottle because he has been fascinated with growing things since his Kindergarten class planted a bean seed a few weeks ago.

So, Sunday morning he rushes for his basket and is amazed that Easter bunny did, in fact, come. However - stop the presses! The bunny brought Bella a basket too ... and it came with FUN DIP. How could the Easter bunny give Bella FUN DIP and not Javi??? Yes, we had to immediately tear into her store-bought-for-$5 basket to let Javi get his hands on the FUN DIP. All that stuff I searched for? Chopped liver.

Anyway, our families all came over so that the boys could have an Easter egg hunt. This was Javi's shining moment because he and Billy spent a couple hours Easter weekend boiling and coloring the eggs. I think Javi really enjoyed having Dad all to himself after the excitement of Bella joining the family.

At the end of the hunt, Ethan had gathered more eggs than anyone else, and I don't think either Matt or Javi knew what to make of that. Of course, Ethan could care less and just enjoyed running around with his brothers and eating lots of sweets!

We finished the day with a bucket of chicken and lots of passing around of a very sleepy baby girl. That was after my sisters fought over who got to hold her and who got to feed her. It's sweet that everyone is so in love with the newest addition already!


  • Dad

    great site. Thanks for the posting. Bella is a beautiful child ;as are all of the children.

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