Lazy Days

I've spent the day procrastinating -- something I'm very good at, mind you -- but still managed to get a few things accomplished. they are:

  • 1. I cleaned up glass and corn after Javier plundered the fridge in search of Dora yogurt and sent a bowl flying to the floor. Luckily there were no injuries.
  • 2. I held a productive coaching session with my supervisor this morning. It came right after conducting my final interview for this issue.
  • 3. I drove over to the gym and chatted with the owner about being the mother of a boy -- and I worked out, of course.
  • 4. I threw dinner into the crockpot and set it to be ready around 5 p.m. tonight

What I'm not doing is transcribing my five or six interviews and working on the big file that's due tomorrow. Instead of working now, I'm doing Web site stuff and plan to do work stuff after dinner tonight from the comfort of the living room. This is made possible by Sony returning my repaired laptop on schedule this afternoon.

As for the Web site, it looks awesome - thanks to Amy, Web designer extraordinaire. Anyone interested in a Web site as pretty as ours should contact through Verve Ink (link on the right).


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