For the love of the dance

I've mentioned our love the dance, but I couldn't pass up the chance to make fun of children. This magnificence was captured during Kung Fu Fighting.

Not every can pull off the hair-puffed-over-sweatband look. It was so fantastic that Bella tried to replicate it with a headband, but headbands and sweatbands are two very different creatures.

(I was briefly embarrassed by the 1980s barbells, can of cheap beer, pink blinds [they came with the house!], and messy background ... but dude. The sweat bands and crazy shoulder blades and serious-as-a-heart-attack kids totally won out.)

These are the moments people are talking about when they wax on about the rewards of having children.

***This post is part of Wordful Wednesday.***


  • Katie Jones

    I never even noticed any of that background stuff until you mentioned it - no one's looking at anything but those cute kids and their hilarious sweatbands!

  • Buckeroomama

    LOL! I love that he got geared up just to play Wii. :)

  • Sandra

    Great, now I've got the song "Everybody loves Kung Foo fighting!" stuck in my head! :)

  • Belinda

    Priceless! Love the peace sign tee, too!

  • Anonymous

    This is fabulous, Kelly. Thanks for posting. For the record, I didn't notice the background either, until you mentioned it!

  • Unknown

    You know what is so funny? I didn't notice any of that stuff until you mentioned it! I thought the kids were so cute!
    Good for you having barbells in your house. I desperately need some exercise equipment in ours!

  • Liz Mays

    They've nailed the look! So funny!

  • Anonymous

    Was thinking that your room looked just like mine - busy and lived in! What could be better.

    And I'm loving this. Is that a game for the Wii? I'm thinking I should get that. My kids would love it.

  • Cheri

    What I thought was funny was Mountain Man in the background, obviously enjoying the show! The kids???..... priceless.

  • Kelly Miller

    I had to point them out -- the beer and barbells complete the look! Plus, y'all don't know how many pictures I have of the kids with a beer can in the background. That's evidence I live with a man from the mountains.

  • Liz

    Dude, the sweatband is totally PRICELESS! She just HAD to one up him!

  • Unknown

    love it!!! the sweatbands are AWESOME!

  • Bibliomama

    You said it.

  • Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri

    Love this! My daughter loves this song too. Your post made me think of my memories of her dance moves! Thanks!

  • Cathy Reaves

    I actually noticed the beer (and was going to comment) before you pointed it out. I love cheap beer! And as for the pink blinds, they don't look too pink in the picture. I happen to have the blinds my house came with and understand. Trust me.

  • Leslie

    Ha! No disclaimers necessary - cheap beer is not something to apologize over, and having any kind of hand weights is something to be proud of. She is ROCKING the sweat band! Love it.

  • Unknown

    Looks like great fun! Thanks for dropping by my blog, Kelly, your comment was much appreciated. I will spend some time reading through your blog...ADHD is in our family, too...only it is my husband so it is much less stressful for us. We do have our our challenges, though!
    Katy x

  • ayala

    Priceless! So cute!

  • Abby Approved

    LOl1 Very cute! Looks like fun!

  • The Mommy Mambo

    She looks like a little bada@s! I want to play!?

  • {Stephanie}The Drama Mama

    I never noticed the background stuff or the dumbbells. If that's what you call messy? Oh boy. I wonder what you would call my house?!?

    How cute are those kids!

    --The Drama MAma

  • Stacy Uncorked

    They're totally rockin' the 80's look - so the barbells and pink blinds in the background are perfect. ;)

    WW: Waiting for Spring

  • Ben

    Haha, that's just classic. I would have never noticed the background items otherwise, but it brought the whole scene together for me and put a big smile on my face. Family antics are the best!

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    fantastic. love it==beer can, blinds, barbells, and all;)

  • Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?

    Those headbands are awesome!

    PS I noticed you replied to a comment in blogger! Is that new? I haven't been on blogger in a while.

  • Jami

    You are so funny. I didn't notice any of that till you pointed it out. The blinds look tan to me.

    That sweatband takes the cake!

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