Beary, Beary Happy

My 90-year-old grandmother is somewhat famous in my circle of friends. Though she was born in Cape Verde, she has lived in San Francisco since she was a small child and knows all the best [second hand] places to shop. Which brings us to the gifts.

My grandma sends gifts that make people gather 'round her shipping boxes (that are wrapped with 837 layers of packing tape) and eagerly dive into all 76 individually wrapped presents inside. I fondly remember one Christmas when I was in college. Grandma sent not one, not two, but five plastic-canvas, yarn-stitched checkbook covers for me and my friends. Five of them! (Who used checks in college? You know it was all about the credit cards.)

Now my children beg to break into "Big Grandma's" packages when they arrive. This past Christmas her box included 25 individually wrapped die cast cars for Javi and a yellow bear hat for Bella. My goal now is to take a photo of each person in our family wearing it. How could I not?

Ashley (wearing Javi's hoodie)

Bella's grandma (my mama) who she loves like no other

Bella says the hat makes her "beary, beary happy." Javi and my Mountain Man don't believe her. All in good time. All in good time.

***This post is part of Wordful Wednesday, Wayback When-esday, and You Capture.***


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