What's this thing you call vacation?

Today marks the first day of my first time off since Labor Day. Technically, I still worked on Labor Day, so maybe it's my first time off since July 4th. Or maybe since this time last year.

That's the huge downside of working from home and for yourself. There's no door to shut or boundary to cross that signals a work day. Work happens when it happens, whether it's a Wednesday night or a Saturday morning, whether I'm in my "work chair" at home or hunched into a booth at a coffee shop at the beach.

That's the freelance life. It's also furiously and frantically typing to squeeze out 400 more words while one child taunts his baby sister (Don't touch my things! My picture is better than yours! Ooh, I'm going to my room ... and you can't come!) and the baby sister plots clumsy revenge (Haha, Javi! I broke your toy/threw away your picture!).

And so I am putting down work for four days. Of course, I'll still be working. The kids will be home fighting over everything they come into contact with, demanding my undivided attention, crying over ... anything they can find to cry over.

But! I'll get to play stay-at-home mom for four days rather than bust-my-ass-to-do-everything-mom. I'm looking forward to it (kinda).

What are your plans for the holiday? Will you be decked out in full armor to keep from being a casualty in the battles your warlords wage? (Please tell me I'm not the only one.)


  • Rudri

    Enjoy your time off Kelly! I will be trying to be the mom, playmate, BFF and general go to girl while my daughter is on my vacation.

  • Cheri

    the battles of the warlords change in tone and tenor as they age... ours now seem to center on who is being a brat... and it gets loud and ugly. But rather than girding my loins and rushing into battle, I tend to hide in the bushes and wait for the rabble to move on. ;-) In some circles, this might brand me a coward. But mine are old enough to fight their own battles, so avoidance is the preferred strategy!

    Enjoy your "break" and have fun with the kiddos!

  • Stacia

    I wage that battle every single day. Every single minute, it feels like. Even when we're visiting family because no one wants to tangle with cranky kids. They just want to play with them when they're smiling and willing to behave for a bribe. =>

    Enjoy your glorious freelance-free four days!!

  • Kelly

    Oh, Stacia - That is exactly why I wouldn't survive as a full time stay-at-home mom. I am not strong enough, patient enough, or creative enough. My two days of child care each week saves my sanity!

    Rudri - I hope you enjoy being home! I would probably enjoy it more if I worked outside the home.

  • { L }

    I was thinking of you the other day, remembering how busy I read you've been. You are superwoman! I hope you have a very happy Christmastime and stop doing the whole "work" thing! ;) lol...

    I'm so grateful that I know you, I feel blessed and I love you too girl!! :) :)

  • Jill

    I hated that about working from home: I was never NOT working and the kids were never NOT arguing. Hope your "time off" is a success!

  • The Drama Mama

    I've done both worlds, and let me tell ya. There are days when I wish I had a job to take me away. Not even "Calgon" is enough those days. I do appreciate the time being home with them now though. I can see the huge differences between JB's early years (and how much I missed) and SD's (and how I miss nothing). I'll take the latter any day of the week as long as I can have Sundays off (yeah, right! haha).

  • Cheryl

    I hope you enjoyed your time off, Kelly! I've had a glorious (unusually) long vacation from work this year, and it's been so rejuvenating. I need to remember to give myself a break more often!

  • a li'l bit squishy

    Oh the vacation of a mom! Crazy and oh so beautiful all at the same time. Hope you enjoyed your focused time with the people you love the most!!

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