Something big, something small

We are going on vacation this weekend. Without kids. Soak that up. With. Out. Kids. We can count on one hand how many vacations we've taken without at least one child keeping us company. And one of those vacations was our honeymoon. Suffice it to say, we're gonna have a good time.

However, leaving them behind doesn't come without the bittersweet feeling that we'll miss something. Something big. Something small. A step forward, a good decision, a hilarious comment. We just have to trust that my family (who'll be holding down the homestead for us) will keep accurate track of how our brilliant children develop while not under our watchful and encouraging eyes.

Like how both kids were fascinated by the dry ice packed into our CSA delivery last weekend.
We had to force them to stop blowing on the ice just so they could bury their faces in ice vapor. Then we all hypothesized when and how the ice would melt. Lessons in vocabulary and educated guessing and why vapor and not melt. A quiet, rainy Saturday studded with science.
Then there are the long hours spent at the pool as Javi tries to make the largest and smallest splash. And Bella tests her budding swimming skills by inching further and further into deeper waters, buoyed by arm floats and a Dora ring with a water toy in each hand.
Though she is still the babygirl who loves playing on the steps, I see her slowly stretching into the ladygirl who will cannonball with the best of them.
Life will go on this weekend. We'll laugh and love and eat like adults. They will giggle and cuddle and pick at their plates like children. And we'll miss each other, but the days will fly and we'll be right back together living this life the way we do.

May your weekend be as big and as small as ours.


  • becca

    Have a FANTASTIC time. Maybe give your family the "keys" to your blog so they can keep us updated? :)
    In any case - yes, life will go on but will still be just where you left it when you return.

  • Aging Mommy

    Have a wonderful time! Beautiful photos, your daughter looks so like you.

  • Kristen @ Motherese

    I hope you have a fantastic time, Kelly! I think these trips are so important for our partnerships (said by the woman who's yet to take one with her husband...but our first is planned for this summer!).

    Can't wait to hear all about it!

  • liz

    have a GREAT time! they'll be fine. :)

  • liz

    oh, and i finally have my favicon! thanks to YOU!

  • Katie Jones

    Have a BLAST! Can't wait to live vicariously through your updates about the trip when you get back!

  • Corinne

    Have a wonderful time :)
    (and I'm so jealous you get a dry ice pack in your CSA! We don't... that'd be so much fun!)

  • Allison McCaskill

    I know exactly what you mean -- it's so great to be far enough away to miss them, and it's so weird that you can't ever go anywhere or do anything ever again without them being there or not-there.

  • Cheri

    Have a wonderful vacation WITHOUT KIDS (yes, I am soooooo jealous!!!).

  • Draft Queen

    have a great grown up vacation!

  • www.privilegeofparenting.com

    I've become an avid arm-chair traveler and so I wish you a fantastic time, and the trust that the rest of us take pleasure through your good time.


  • Justine

    This is SO important - traveling without kids every now and then. And I'm so glad you guys are doing it. So jealous too because the last time we did this was over a year ago. Soak it in, lap it up, rejuvenate, have a wonderful time!

    Everyone deserves this. Even (or rather, especially) parents.

  • The Drama Mama

    Have a wonderfully deserved weekend without the children. I'm going to hide in your suitcase.

  • Sarah

    Well, I can tell that I need a vacation because I'm all weepy after reading this. The part about being alone.with.out.kids and the part about missing them.

    Have a wonderful time, Kelly. Have such a wonderful, wonderful time.


  • Dalia - Gen X Mom

    I have always found that same bittersweet feeling. Excited but a little nervous at the same time. While away if there is any sort of downtime I find myself wondering and missing them more. I think it is just a normal part of being a parent. It is so nice and necessary to get away as adults now and then though and you will have a great time! Enjoy yourself and that much needed down time!

  • ck

    SO jealous and happy for you at the same time. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  • Amanda

    Mmmm, have lovely, uninterrupted fun!

  • cheeky curves

    children are so adorable, hope you can enjoy your break

  • Amy Whitley

    Have fun, lucky you! (And my kids are fascinated by dry ice, too!)

  • Heather @ Gerber Days

    Lucky you!!! I so need a trip without kids! Hope you guys are having a blast! Let us know how it went, and post lots of pictures. :)

  • Rudri

    I am envious, but ecstatic for you and your husband! Have so much fun. Soak up every moment.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I'm late to this, so your weekend is already over and you re back to reality. I hope it rocked!! And that there were a few fun stories for you to come home to.

  • Scraps

    Hope you had fun--you're children are adorable.

    (stopping by from LBS)

  • Jen

    Kelly, This is lovely. I hope you all had a wonderful time and are restored.

  • Amber

    Hooray! Shoot. I'm late, huh? Well, in that case, I hope it was FABULOUS!! I bet you love your kiddos so much more, now. : )

  • TKW

    Kelly, have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the peace and the space and the time to re-connect with your husband and remember why you fell for the guy in the first place.

    And you know the best part? The greeting you'll get when you get back home.

  • Heather of the EO

    YAY YOU. For realio, what a gift! And you are such a good Mama. The way you look at things? So inspiring.

  • Courtney

    YIPPEE an adult vacation, I could use one of those, although at the moment I don't want it to be with my husband :).

    Have a great time and enjoy it, and when you get back, enjoy the we missed you so much, those are great!

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