Father, husband, friend

There's a man in my life who disproves most things I've ever thought about men. He's giving and kind. He's loving and funny. He puts up with a lot, laughs easily, and puts his family above all others. He's the type of father, husband, and friend I didn't experience growing up in our community of single mothers and children whose fathers had other priorities.

My mountain man isn't perfect, but he's the perfect one for us. And so far he's a having a fantastic Father's Day, as he should. We love him, he loves us, and every day together is a blessing.

Happy Father's Day to all the great guys out there setting wonderful and loving examples for their children. The world needs more of you.


  • {Not Quite} Susie

    Happy Father's Day! :)

  • beingzaraandzidan

    hey what an amazing blog. LOve the pics. Happy fathers day to u too.
    I am ur newest follower
    Pls do visit me & I hope u follow back too

  • Jen

    We are lucky, aren't we?

  • Amber

    Hey, you stole my line! "...[He's]not perfect, but he's perfect for one for us."

    Just kidding.

    That's exactly how I describe my husband. The perfect man for me and our kids.

  • suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    adorable! i wondered about the elusive mountain man:)

  • { L }

    LOVE the breakfast and gift display!! :D

  • Anonymous

    Very sweet, Kelly! Hope you had a great day together.

  • Justine

    Sweet tribute! "My mountain man isn't perfect, but he's the perfect one for us." - I adore this, and I so agree with you. Mine in my life may not be perfect but he is for us. Amen! Hope you had a lovely Father's Day celebration.

  • Stacia

    Love the Ghostbusters shirt! My husband needs one of those for sure. Glad your family had a wonderful day!

  • Rudri

    Well Said. Glad you and yours had a great Father's Day.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently we are both lucky women, because I could have written this post myself. Happy belated Father's Day to your man!

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