Need your fall craft suggestions!

It's November, and today we took a fall nature walk in 75 degree weather. There was some sweat involved, but the walk itself was really nice. Bella rode the first half mile on her jeep and then walked the rest of the way. We spotted a hawk, a lizard, and way too many "skurhls" to count.

But the best part of the walk was the impromptu collection of fall objects: red, yellow, and orange leaves; acorns of various sizes; random sticks of straw; and the first winter berries. We'll be visiting with Grandma later this week and plan to add a pine cone and pecans to our collection.

But now what? When we first started picking up the different colored leaves, I thought I'd keep everything in a shoebox that Bella could access and look through as fall progresses. However, that seems a little too ... messy. I mean, won't the leaves get brittle and then break as the sticks and acorns continuously tumble into them? In my imagination, she can touch and examine each individual object, which doesn't seem likely with a shoebox of natural trash.

So does anyone have a suggestion? What fall craft or display method would be ideal for a two-year-old's fall collection? Surely someone's done this before!


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    you can buy sheets of laminating paper for the leaves. Laminate them and then cut them out. Maybe put the acorns all into a glass jar (like an empty pb or jelly jar), tie a string around the sticks & make a little bundle... THEN put it into the shoebox! Sounds so neat! It's way too late for colored leaves up here, or I'd totally copy your idea!

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