Counting my blessings

The past few weeks have been filled with sadness. I've felt bombarded by the flow of heartwrenching negativity and spent too much of my time wondering how such cruelty and devastation as the murder of Shaniya and other babies can exist and even thrive ... because the world also holds so much beauty and so many possibilities.

As cliche as it sounds, I've decided to concentrate on the positivity. I need to keep the good things in front of my face lest I fall into the crushing abyss of darkness that always looms just behind me. So for today, and the days to come, I'm choosing to count my blessings.

I'm focusing on the crisp blue skies and warm weather that we have normally forgotten by November, the soul stirring contrast of bright orange or yellow leaves against that amazing blue, my children's laughter as they run through piles of freshly raked leaves, my husband's hand reaching for mine as we trail behind them.

I am so thankful for their health and happiness and for the health and happiness they bring to me. I hold in my hearts the other mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends who are struggling right now. I send courage and strength to those who need it most. And, above all else, I pray that we all find a way to bring more positivity into this world.


  • Issa

    Thank you honey.

    The picture of the orange leaves made me smile. Love trees.

  • becca

    So hard to do-focus on the good things-especially when there is so much turmoil and sadness surrounding you. But it's the best thing to do. I buy flowers, put on great music and look at the happiness I see in my kids' faces who don't know of any of the sadness, and it eventually brings me to a better place.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty pics!
    And a great message... We just gotta shake out the bad sometimes. Just breathe in and out, taking solace in the fact that if it's not OK, it's not the end...
    I still cling to that phrase.

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