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I'm sure y'all remember that we were having a problem with Bella pooping the tub or peeing on the bathroom floor right before getting in the tub...

We started a new bathtime routine where immediately after dinner, we head to the bathroom and she sits on the ring while we run her bathwater. She picked up the new routine very quickly and now puts the ring on herself and tries to get her diaper off - basically she'll do anything to get into the bath!

Well, all this prep work and she stopped pooping in the tub (tho she may be peeing in there - you never know) and peeing on the floor - but she NEVER tinkled in the potty. Rather, she sat there impatiently and signed please over and over while staring longingly at the tub.

UNTIL TWO NIGHTS AGO!!! She let out a teeny tiny little stream of pee and DH and I reacted like it was New Years Eve. There was much clapping and jumping and the distributing of candy. Bella was super excited, too, though you could tell she wasn't quite sure what happened.

Now, she hasn't done it again, but I just wanted to share this little milestone. I know she's no where near ready to train, but she's starting to get the idea! By this time next year, diapers will be a distant memory in our home!

Also! This morning she fought me for her own wipe while I was changing her diaper. Normally she just likes to throw wipes around the room, but this time ... THIS TIME ... she wanted the wipe so she could CLEAN HER OWN CHINA.

Ohmalord! I was so proud of her because this is really the first time she's shown any interest in what goes on during diapering or demonstrated that she is connecting elimination with the diaper. I'm really thinking this is another sign that diapers are not long for this world!


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