Christmas tip

When your child must be removed 8 million times from the cords hanging by the Christmas tree and you resort to lightly popping her hand which means she walks around writhing in torturous pain and demonstrating how to pop hands and then promptly runs right back over to the Christmas tree cords ... you might just lose your ever-lovin' mind.

I mean, sure, you could leave her to the cords and cables and electricity until she learns her lesson. You could allow her to pull the tree down on herself and gnaw on the plugs. You could throw your hands up when clutches the cords with both hands and tries to drag them across the room.

Or, you could just plug the damn things in. Because, apparently, that's all she wanted. And once you plug the lights in? She could care less about the Christmas tree and its cords. I mean, cheese and crackers, Mama, just give the tree some breathing room already!

Just a little heads up for those of you still fighting the battle. ;)


  • Anna and Drew

    Kelly...your blog is hilarioulsy awesome. You have me laughing out loud! I read to Drew the story about Jasmine R. Our blog is at www.annaanddrew.blogspot.com. However, its boring, and I almost considered not showing it to you, as yours is so far superior. You've inspired me to rise to the challenge of more insightful blogging.

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