Miller Monkeys

My kids were crazy today. As in, drive you off a cliff crazy. They both have excuses though: I forgot to give Javi his medicine this morning and Bella has a cold. So I'm trying to let it go. :)

In other news: Bella got a new pair of pajamas this week. They are red Minnie Mouse pajamas. When you ask her "where's Minnie?", she pokes her belly with her thumbs.

Most people who know me know that I am not a Disney fan. In fact, I was very assertive before and after Bella was born that I did not want two types of gifts: anything Pooh or anything Micky.

Guess who two of Bella's favorite cartoon characters are? Minnie and Pooh!!! How does that happen? She adores Dora and Backyardigans much more, so I have some solace ... but not much. When she even sees Minnie, she makes this face:

How can you not indulge that kind of cheesey goodness?


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