Durham Bulls Game

We took the kids to see the Durham Bulls face off against the Charlotte Knights this weekend. Bella was her normal self: climbing on the railing, climbing over people, crawling under strangers' seats to get to the drink they set down. You know how it goes.

She had much more fun playing on the slides than she did watching the game. In fact, when we tried to remove her from the playground area she fell out in theatrics. This is despite the fact that there were some horrible kids on the playground who barrelled past everyone and anyone in their way. So, Billy and I took turns with her. When we weren't at the playground, she kept this up:

Javi had a blast, of course. He ate pepperoni pizza, nachos and cheese, a hot dog and chocolate Goodberrys. He played on the playground as well as the $3-per-kid obstacle course. Last year he got a baseball so this year he wanted a foam finger (in homage to Drake and Josh, I'm sure). You can tell he was playing hard:

We went with a big group of Jaycees and friends. It was hot, exhausting (thanks to the kids), but fun all the same!


  • Of Pandas and Pirates

    Looks like everyone had a blast! Sorry about the bully kids on the playground. Great pictures!! :) Love Javi's foam finger.

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