Baby Signs

A lot of parents teach their little ones to use sign language so that they can communicate even if they can't tell you what they want.

I haven't really focused on teaching Bella any signs, but we have tried to teach her a few that could really come in handy, such as help, more, and juice. We also threw "in" at her because she loves to put things inside of other things and she can say in (aaaahhhhhnnn), so we thought it could be cute.

Two signs have stuck, but she doesn't use them the way you'd think she would. She will do signs for both more and in - but only when she hears you say the word. So, I ask her if she wants more yogurt and she signs for more. I ask her to put her toy in the bin and she signs for in. She does not ask for more using the sign ... she just screams at me. :)

Anyway, I'm still very proud of her for using the signs. I'd love to hear how many other moms and babies out there are signing - esp those of you who are fluent in sign language!

Here's a great resource for baby signs!


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