Still Not A Firecracker Fan

Last year we avoided any fireworks because we thought Bella was too young to appreciate them and that the noise would upset her. Fast forward one year and we were proved right.

We skipped them last year and skipped any big celebrations this year, but thought we'd set off some small firecrackers at home, as well as light sparklers. Even this was too much for Bella. She was okay with the first sparkler and even seemed to enjoy the colors of the first few firecrackers.

After that? She was done. DONE. The thrashing, the crying, the terrified glances back at the firecrackers as she tried to climb over my body ... it was all very passionate and dramatic.

We began the day very patriotically. We dressed her in a cute red, white and blue sundress with matching bottoms, put a white clip in her hair and her white shoes on. Plopped her in a red wagon and gave her a red, white and blue whistle for one hand and an American flag for the other.

We then pulled her around the neighborhood to let her get her 15 minutes of sun while also checking in on the neighbors and getting some pictures. She loved that part of the holiday. Maybe next year we should stick to daytime cook outs, maybe some watermelon and a sparkler when the sunlight fades.

But fireworks? I'm not banking on that until she's at least three. It reminds me of how Javier was petrified of Santa Claus and wouldn't go near even a picture of Santa until he was five. I mean, fireworks and Santa Claus - who is raising these weirdo kids???


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