15-month stats

Bella is a very healthy, big-headed little girl!

At her pediatrician visit, she weighed 21.5 lbs and measured 30.5 inches - which put her in the 25th percentile for weight and 50th for height. However her big ole head put her in the 95th percentile! She's a catch already: beautiful and a big brain.

The doctor said she's growing right on her track (super sized head and all). She also said we could drop the night-time bottle and just give her a little calcium-fortified orange juice and a bit more fat to replace the calcium and milkfat she'll lose. We still offer her milk at night, but it comes in the form of a sippy cup and she rarely finishes it.

The ped also said we can start establishing a couple rules - which should help with the insatiable urge to CLIMB. We tell her "no, no, Bella" but she just smiles at us and keeps right on doing whatever it is she wants to do - pull pictures off the wall, dance on the end table, or pull old cans out of the recycling bin.

Oh well. We'll figure it out eventually, right? Until then, at least she's finally fitting into her 12-month clothes!


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