Quickie: 6 Month Stats

Bella finally had her 6-month check up - she'll be 7 months on 11/3.

Birth stats: 7 lbs 6 ozs, 21 inches
6 month stats: 16 lbs 14.5 ozs, 26.5 inches

She's 60th percentile height and weight - perfect all around, according to Dr. Reese! Of course, he did mention she has a huge head (90th percentile) but that her head's always been big for her body so that's nothing new. :)

He recommended that we move her up to the next stage car seat and offer her solids 3x per day. He also gave us a thumbs up on juice.

She got two shots - cried for a little bit and then again off and on, but went right down for a nap and has been asleep for 2 hrs now. I'm hoping she wakes up in a good mood!

So much for that obesity lecture from last time! Dr. Reese (same office, different doc) told me to ignore everything Dr. Lloyd told us and to ask for him from now on. YAY! This visit was sooooooooooo much better than the last one!


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