Milestones Alert!

I have to brag on my baby! I have no pictures or video to go with this - but we have:

- one bottom tooth! Okay, it's only the ridge but it's THERE!
- sitting up all by herself! She's only done it 4x in the past 2 days but's she's DOING IT!
- pulling up! She's only done it 3x in the past 3 days and I don't think she means to do it, but still!

I'm inordinately excited about these three things. The sitting up makes me the most happy bc she did it on my birthday (Tues) so I'll always remember exactly what day it was. Of course, it was a little traumatic for her bc she did it in front my mom - who jumped up and down while clapping and yelling YAY BELLA - which freaked Bella out and cause full on meltdown crying.

The pulling up thing also started Tuesday. I came around the corner and she was half up on this large, heavy ceramic planter that's in the living room at my side job. At first I blew it off as her trying to see into it, but then it dawned on me that a) she doesn't know that planters have insides and b) she was half off the ground - which means that whether she was trying to see into it or not - she had to pull up!

Later that night she grabbed the collar of my shirt and tried to haul her body up closer to my face (I was wearing glasses) but only succeeded in yanking my shirt down. Then yesterday she tried to get up on top of Javi's SpongeBob tray. We're so proud of her!

I keep telling people who don't have kids and they're like "oh, great, yeah... so anyway...." Totally not the level of reaction she deserves! Also, I feel like that tooth is her first baby - it took FOREVER to push it out but now that it's here, we all love it and keep staring at it with weird lovey faces. I promise to update with pictures as soon as she lets me in her mouth!

Yay Bella!!!!!


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