Halloween 2007

Bella's first Halloween wasn't that memorable. She got loved on by a few folks and then passed out in her car seat. So, we scooped up Daddy and all went out together in the car. First I drove behind them while Daddy and Javi walked, then Dad and I switched.

At the end of the night, Javi had 2 bags full of treats and toys. He was hyper, but nothing compared to Sassette. I let her have a little suck on a Snicker bar - huge mistake! She was bouncing off the walls until midnight last night and then woke up twice during the night. She never does that!

Her costume was huge on her, so we're taking it back today. It was just a winter sleeper so we shouldn't have any problems getting our money back. I think I'll use the refund to pick up more footed sleepers and a pair of soft boots!


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