Kickin' (Back)

Hiya. It's been awhile. How are you? How were your holidays? How's your January going? Let's not talk about how I've been working and meeting and racing on a super-huge project that I'm hoping will mean less working and meeting and racing. Well, I don't want less working, but definitely less racing.

And maybe more reading? More writing? More thinking about more than how much I can squeeze into my kid-free hours without completely pissing off my husband (because apparently he doesn't like an absentee wife).

And so. I return with this. My handsome son showing off his favorite part of football. Kicking. And according to him, he'll be doing it for money when he gets signed in the NFL.

In case you're worried that he isn't properly preparing for his options, he's already pinpointed seven backup careers. I don't know that they're any more practical, considering one backup is being a chocolatier and another is playing for the MBA.

So, tell me. What's kickin' in your hood these days?


  • HynesMom

    Is that a crown he is wearing? Love it!!

    Lots of racing here, too. And now trying to kick butt at school to get Dylan more help. Somewhat discouraged there. Down but not out.

  • Anonymous

    I hear you sister, on the working and running front. MY LIFE STORY right now. We miss you in these parts.

  • Cheryl

    Oy, there's been a lot of meeting and working and racing here, too, and thus an absentee wife. If only our husbands lived nearer to each other... ;) Tell your kiddo that the backup I vote for is being a chocolatier. The world can never have too many of those... especially when we're meeting and working and racing! :)

  • Hyacynth

    He looks so much older!!! Eeek! Glad you have so much work but have missed you. :)

  • ayala

    wow...he is growing up fast :)

  • Unknown

    welcome back my friend! I think of you when I wear my kidney cutie shirt!

    sounds like he has some sound job motives in the future!

  • Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri

    Nice to see you here Kelly. Plenty of busy, racing, running and squeezing in last minute something or other.

  • The Drama Mama

    WOW!! He really does look older, like he changed overnight. Life's hectic. It looks happy though.

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