And so it begins...

We have many Braverman days in the Miller homestead. I didn't realize we'd be having Buckman days, too. Let's start at the beginning: Javi's braces were removed a couple weeks ago. He's a double retainer kid now, with a retainer for his top teeth and one for his bottom teeth.

Each and every time he wants to eat, he takes out his retainers and sets them next to his plate or on a napkin. Each and every time, we force him go find his case and put those expensive pieces of metal where they belong. Each and every time.

Except last night. (You know how this story is going to end, don't you?) We had dinner at a local burger joint and Javi, of course, forgot to bring his container. We rolled our eyes and moved on with dinner. Fast forward to 30 minutes after we'd gotten back home.

Homeboy realized he'd left his retainers wrapped up in a napkin on the table at the restaurant. (Surprise!) He and the Mountain Man raced back over to recover the retainer but, of course, the table had been cleared and the trash had just been taken out.

Can you guess where my guys were for the next hour or so? Yes, that's right. Digging through the dumpster behind the restaurant. Gnawed chicken bones, clumps of chili fries, grease, wads of toilet paper, plastic utensils -- all wet, all foul, and none of it even pretending to be retainers. That's right. No retainers.

An hour of digging through trash and we still have to pay $300 to replace them, leading to this:

Survey says we should get used to it. Lord help us all.


  • Bibliomama

    Oh lord love a duck -- poor you.

  • Melissa

    I am sure looking back this will be an amusing parenting story (just like the movie). But at the moment it sortove sucks. Good luck!

  • BigLittleWolf

    Um... dare I admit that as an adult in my 30s, for a number of months I wore a retainer at night, to the tune of $800 (out-of-pocket) dollars? And, well... misplaced it, never to be seen again...

    Yep. Sucks.

  • HynesMom

    Oh, no! I hope we never have to get one. Dylan can't keep track of a 25c pencil, let alone a $300 piece of orthodontia!

    (PS, love the Braverman reference!)

  • Anonymous

    I just shook my head the whole way through reading this. And then I totally snorted at the FB status. Oh yes.

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