Home From Gatlinburg

Of course we had to buy some tacky stuff on our trip to Gatlinburg. Here's Bella Wayne wearing her gift:

Javi got a less tacky teeshirt, but he doesn't seem to think it's as fabulous as we thought he would. I also thought he'd go ape-poo over pictures and videos of the BEARS we encountered, but he really just wanted me to be quiet so he could watch SpongeBob in peace.

Good news: We had a great time on the trip. Bad news: Billy may have contracted MRSA from the raft or lifejacket he used. We'll know on Monday when he returns to the doctor after a weekend of antibiotics. Keep your fingers crossed!

I would like to state that both Javi and I pointed out that had Billy stayed where he belonged (in the house), he wouldn't have had the opportunity to contract any possibly fatal super viruses. But he didn't appreciate those statements, so don't rub it in if you see him!

Most of the photos from our Gatlinburg trip are posted here.


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