Bella's First Hair Cut!

Javier didn't have his first snip job until his second birthday. Kati and I took him to Hair Pros by the old Walmart in Sanford and his little curls (well, his afro basically) cut into a little boy 'doo.

Bella's first hair cut was similar in many ways - but also drastically different. Billy was at work and I had the itch to get my own hair cut, so I decided to bite the bullet and get Bella's mop under control. You can see why:

Kati is way out in California, so I enlisted Amber to help me. She kept Bella entertained until it was cuttin' time. I thought Bella would enjoy sitting up on the block, but we all know she's a baby who wants to be on the ground running wild. She sat quietly for the first half-minute ... after that, we were on borrowed time.

Ramona, her hair cutter, trimmed about an inch off her bang area but left the rest of her headful of curls intact. Unlike after Javi's first hair cut, Bella still looked very much like a little baby after it was over. I remember thinking Javi looked like a 6 year old after his first cut!

Doesn't she look happy? Her daddy hasn't seen it yet, so hopefully he won't think the bangs are too short. Now that several hours have passed, they've begun to curl again and blend in better with the rest of her hair. I think it's adorable - and that's what counts!


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