Bert & Ernie

Most children cherish Elmo over all other Sesame Street characters. A smaller group love the Cookie Monster or possibly Grover. My child? She's crazy about Bert & Ernie - the only gay men on the block.

I discovered this by accident. Javi used to love the movie "Elmo in Grouchland"; however, he hasn't watched it in years. So I decided yesterday to test if it still works. As soon as Ernie's face popped up on the screen, Bella shrieked with excitement. Then out stormed Bert in a towel and shower cap ... and the baby was hooked.

Now, everytime we show her a picture of the couple, she giggles, claps and bounces a little. I've played the first 5 minutes of the Elmo movie just to show off her reaction. There's nothing better than pure joy ... especially when it defies logic. Why does she love Bert & Ernie so much but then lose interest when Elmo comes on? There are no cute baby names for Bert & Ernie like there are for Elmo (e.g., MoMo, Omo, Ahmo, etc).

Yet - perhaps this is some type of genetic memory. Here are two fun facts: My mother decorated me and Erin's baby room in Bert & Ernie. Also, Ashlee's ex is a dead ringer for Bert. There are no coincidences!

Here's a shot of Bella enjoying her new buds. Perhaps they'll share some fashion sense and the ability to spot "family" from a mile away:


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