Easter conversation

You know your child is growing up when you have the following conversation on Easter eve:

Javi: Um, where's the Easter bunny? Is he putting on his costume?

Me: What are you talking about? What costume?

Javi: The Easter bunny costume. Are you going to wear it? Who's going to wear it?

Me: Javi, the Easter bunny is a bunny - not a costume.

Javi: No, I mean the person in the bunny costume. The Easter bunny is a man in a costume. How does he get everywhere? Do you think he drives on the road?

Me: Oh, so you don't believe in the Easter bunny? You think it's just a man? Cause kids who don't believe in the Easter bunny don't get Easter baskets.

Javi: HAHAHAHAHA! I TRICKED YOU MOM!!!!!!!! Of COURSE I believe in the Easter bunny!!!! How could you think I don't believe in the Easter bunny! Oh, Mom, you are so FUNNY!!!!!


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