Playing Catch Up

I haven't updated in a while. The good news: That's because we were so busy. The bad news: That's because we were so busy. :)

In the week or so since our last update, we've had 2 football games, several practices, a Bowl-A-Thon, a Scouts meeting and "Belt Loop Frenzy," the fair and Grandma's surprise birthday party.

Javi and Bella both enjoyed the fair, though Javi made much more of his time there than Bella did. He got the all-night pass and we got every nickel of our money's worth. Like last year, he rode every ride multiple times. Unlike last year, he refused to ride anything was completely tall enough for.

Rather, he only wanted to ride the things required him to stand on his tiptoes to get on. And he refused to let us ride anything with him. This includes the Super Shot, the Himalaya, the Pirate Ship and the Dragon, as well as miscellaneous fun houses, slides, jumping booths and games. It was the Dragon that did him in. He got off the ride, looked at Billy and said, "Okay, Dad. I did not like that one at all."

Bella just hung out in the stroller while Billy and I shared a funnel cake and butterfly fries. I slipped some cider vinegar in with the ketchup so they were just tangy enough to suit both our tastes. You can tell the fries were the highlight for me. :)

Belt Loop Frenzy was an all-day affair that took place in a pasture in Harnett County. I'd like to see it was fun and exciting, but that'd be a lie. It was hot and grassy and not well organized - but Javi had a blast and walked away with belt loops for football, baseball, basketball, fishing, maps and compasses, geology and soccer. Some scouts camped out, but we made our way home about 5 pm. Needless to say, we aren't looking forward to doing that again any time soon!


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