Baby on the move

Bella Wayne* is 12 weeks old today! I'm not sure if you count this as her third month or if I have to wait until July 3. I guess I'll go by the date as I can't foresee myself remembering the 4-week increment forever.

Anyway - happy 12 weeks baby girl! Today we're going to WW, Belk (for a return - they're still dead to me), JC Penney and the grocery store. I have a freelance project that demands my attention but Aaron and Steph are coming up from Southern Pines, so I figure I'll give work my undivided attention ... starting tomorrow.

Yesterday Javi, Bella and I went to the library. Javi wanted to check out all these big kid books, which normally wouldn't be remarkable except that they were all about art. He wanted to "study about" the masters: Michelangelo, DaVinci, Monet. I was excited by two things: That the Sanford library had set up an art section in the kid's books area and that my 6-yr-old was so excited by that section. I told him that next time he could bring his pencil and sketchbook to "study."

I'm all about the videos these days so I thought I'd post this one of my dear motor-baby who never stays still. Enjoy!

*Now you know her middle name isn't Wayne! She's just such a mini-Miller I can't help myself.


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