Introducing Chewy

A few months ago we acquired a cat named Chewy. She came from a home with two other cats who were highly aggressive, so when we got her, she jumped at every noise, crept along the walls, and hid from the kids.

I happen to be on The List with our local animal shelter. Apparently, I'm really good at loving animals for the first little while and then I get rid of them. We've gone through four cats and two dogs since The Mountain Man and I started dating 10 years ago. The only pet that's stuck has been Fancylina and I think that's because all we have to do is throw food at her.

So imagine my surprise when the skittish, creeper kitty -- who we took in because her owners felt bad for her and figured we were better than the shelter and who I assumed would live under our bed until she died of old age -- became my little side kick.

She is everywhere I am. When I walk, she weaves between my feet (leading me to pretend to go right when I plan to go left. It's the only way to get anywhere in this house). When I'm working, she's crashed out against my thigh snoring away. When I go to bed, she claims the spot between my feet (so that I can never, ever, get the sheets where I want them).

Chewy is my girl. I hold conversations with her and have as many photos of her on my phone as I do my children. She makes me smile and has finally given me a coworker (even if the only work she's doing is sawing logs). She'll lay with TMM, but only if I'm not available to her.

And, slowly, she's spreading her love to the kids. Javi won't allow me to take photos of him, but if he sits still near her, she'll come head butt him for some lovin'. And this weekend, she finally rested on Bella. Of course, it helped that Bella was passed out.

So I've decided I shouldn't be on The List. I was never the problem. All those other pets (including the 9 fish I accidentally killed) were wrong for us. Getting rid of each of them brought us a tiny bit closer to our big love calico ball of love.

Now if you'll excuse me, somebody needs my attention...

Yes, she will stare me straight in the face. Anyone else have a four-legged stalker?


  • Cheryl

    This post totally warmed my heart into a melty, gooey puddle of mush because I have one of these, too, curled up just a few steps away. She is the absolute best company, especially when I was solely working from home. And she always seems to know something is wrong with me, whether I don't feel well or I'm sad, before anyone else notices. I'm so happy you have this furry ball of joy in your life, and she is an absolutely beautiful one at that!

  • Bibliomama

    Sweet! I love the 'feinting right, going left'. It's nice that you have a companion when you're working. Who can't talk. :)

  • Unknown

    aww love! I had a sidekick cat when I was younger and I adored her! unfortunatly the hubs is allergic so my kids got a 70 pound dog to cuddle with, so not the same!

  • Cathy Reaves

    Very cute kitty. My oldest got a new kitten last year and it's only been recently where the thing has started being less skittish and more affectionate. It's nice.

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