Cluck of the Week: The Passing of Time

A lot can happen in eleven days, especially when it's this life we're talking about. This life is full to bursting with obligations and work and family and friends. Good things. Things for which I'm grateful.

But the pace is hard to manage and the downtime is all about snuggling with my wee ones (or zoning out to Real Housewives of Atlanta). So there are all kinds of photos and stories about our progress in our Random Acts of Thanks project (we're on track to fit in all 30!), but instead I have the energy/time for this today:

I turned 35 yesterday. 

The big 3-5. And I was surrounded by people who love me, people like my husband who puts up with my special blend of insanity, my mother who made me the woman I am, my children who reveal to me the best parts of myself, and my sister, who never knows if she'll live another year, much less make it to 35.

I am blessed beyond measure. 

If you weren't convinced, I present to you the only proof you need:

Oh, and Fancy wants me to quit my whining. I don't have to leave the house looking like this, so I've got nothing to complain about:

Ah, nothing like a good seasonal molt to remind you that life is good.

I'll be back by Wednesday to wrap up our acts of kindness. We did some cool stuff that I can't wait to share!


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