Costume How-To: Part 3

Last year, my big kid actually donned two different Halloween costumes. Because his knight costume triggered his sensory issues, Javi wound up ditching it when trick-or-treating time rolled around. His back-up plan was the old standby:

Pirate Javi

Here's how we did it:
  • Must have: Pirate hat and eye patch. (Found at the Dollar Store. Cost: $2)
  • A light colored long-sleeved shirt. (Found in Javi's closet. Cost: $0)
  • A dark colored vest. (We didn't have a vest, so we cut the sleeves and collar off an old blue polo and then cut it down the middle to create a vest. Cost: $0)
  • A pair of black or gray soft pants such as sweat pants. (Found in Javi's closet. Cost: $0)
  • A pair of long dark socks. (We used his football socks. Cost: $0)
  • An over-sized sash or belt. (We used a red pashmina. Cost: $0)
  • A bandanna. (Found in our dress-up box. Cost: $0)
  • Black shoes. (Found in Javi's closet. Cost: $0)
Optional accessories:
  • A gold hoop earring
  • A sword
  • Gold rings and necklaces
To create the costume:
  • Get dressed in the dark pants and light shirt. 
  • Add the sash/belt. We double wrapped the pashmina to give some girth. 
  • Add the vest. (If your child doesn't mind it, you can place the belt/sash over the vest. My kid didn't like the feeling of it.)
  • Tie the bandanna loosely around your child's neck. (If your kiddo doesn't like this, you can tie it on his hair instead.)
  • Add the hat, eye patch, and other accessories.
Now all you have to do is put it all together and you have this look for just $2:

Yes, the hat and eye patch didn't last very long. However, Javi trick-or-treated with kids dressed as Transformers and super heroes in store-bought costumes. Not once did he comment that his costume wasn't as good as their's. He really appreciated the creativity behind it!

Coming up: Juliet the Gnome. Previous: Pippi Longstocking and Sir Javi.

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  • Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri

    My daughter would love this costume. She loves Jake and the Pirates. Must replicate this. Thanks Kelly!

  • Cheryl

    Wow, $2?! *bowing down* It looks just as good as the expensive pre-bought pirate costumes!

  • Bibliomama

    It does - it really does! One year we did a great pulled-together Indiana Jones costume for Angus - we had the blazer and my husband's hat, he wore a white shirt and pants and we got a whip at the dollar store and made a map to stick in his pocket. But usually I cave (or give in to the pleading) and buy them, which always makes me feel like a failure. I love the jury-rigged costumes so much more.

  • Making It Work Mom

    We also have to be careful with costumes with my youngest as I know that if it doesn't feel right she will be wanting to rip it off after five minutes.

    I love your creativity!

    And he looked adorable. Even though I know that boys that age aren't supposed to adorable!

  • Stacy Uncorked

    Love the creativity and ingenuity behind his costume! He's the cutest pirate ever! :)

    Vibrant - and Goofy - Fall

  • Andie@multiplemama

    That is super cool! And so creative.

  • Melanie @ bear rabbit bear

    Great costume idea. Found you via Shabby Nest. Would love for you to link up to my weekly Things I've Done Thursday party that runs until noon EST on Saturday. We also have a custom blog button giveaway going on right now!!


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