QOTD: Thankful

Her moon face close to mine
whispering or yelling or demanding attention
at all hours of my days:

It's mornin' time, mama. Wake up!
Peel dis owange wight now, mama!
Wanna pway pwinces in my woom?
Whew, mama, yo breaf is stinky!
I'm pwayin songs on my china!
Grass monkey monkey, that funny monkey
I am not poopin' in my panties
Yets snuggle up, mama. Okay, mama?
Uh oh. Yook what Javi did!
You watchin' me wock out, mama?

I am so thankful for my girl,
She's so uniquely and achingly herself
and yet she illuminates and articulates  
me in ways I'm still learning.
I need this proof of belonging
all the days of my life.


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